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Community Newsletter
Welcome to our long awaited newsletter,

It's been delayed due to many things, improvements on the forums, numerous attacks on our server and just plain mundane things soaking up our time, but glad to make it available to you all now. It's a short one but another will follow in due time

The contents of this newsletter are as follows:

  • Forum Improvements

  • WebApp added

  • Clean up of forums

  • More control for you over how things look

  • Featured Content

  • How to set your Trusted Locations in MS Office Applications
    & Scan specific files for viruses

  • VBA Cleanup Tool

  • To come in the next newsletter, we'll explore the WebApp feature closer and bring you an itroduction to Sharepoint.

    Keep updated, stay in touch, and thanks for being a part of our growing community!

    The Code Cage Team
    Latest Newsletter
    by Simon Lloyd
    Introduction to our latest features and enhancements

    We've been busy creating some changes and enhancements to make our forum experience second to none, we've added some great functionality for you some of which we've described below, take a moment to read below and enjoy your forum experience further.

    Floating menu bar, all your navigation of the site and other services and resources can be found in the black menubar at the top, we've made it *floating so you never have to scroll back up to get to it, but if you prefer it to be static we've given you the choice (*Unique to here) and can be found here UserCp Edit Options

    Highlight code tags, for ease of copying code we've introduced a "Highlight Code" button, this highlights the entire code or formula so you can simply Right click then copy.

    Formula tags (we're the only forum in the world to have these!), when posting a formula first click or for Array formula, then post your formula in between the resulting tags, responders can then use the button above to highlight and copy your code exactly.

    Search (New, since last visit, last 24hrs, Advanced and custom Google search) our searches are varied and WILL enable you to find what you're looking for.

    Find all your threads or posts, you'll find this in the floating menu under Post Tools.

    Find Unanswered threads by forum, use the floating menubar to find these.

    Mark Solved button in originators posts, when you start a thread only you know when it's solved and for you to let everyone else know we've introduced and buttons they will appear in every post of yours in a thread so no scrolling needed in order to mark the thread solved!.

    Add crosspost urls on new thread submission, if you've posted a question elsewhere or in multiple forums it's called crossposting, no-one minds crossposting as long as it's done right, and that's to supply all the urls (the web address at the top of your browser window) that the question is posted at so people can follow the progress...etc, here we've made that easier to do now, when posting a new question, before hitting "Submit" you'll see a text box for your crossposted urls, enter them in here seperated by a space, you'll only ever see this box when starting a new thread.

    Question type categorisation, to make it easier for folk that like to answer a certain type of question we've added question category, right under where you add a title for a new thread there's another dropdown that you must select a category from, just choose the value that most fits your type of question.

    User can change post display type and other viewing enhancements, if you don't like to see all the supplimentary information in a post or prefer it to look like other forums you visit then you can go here UserCp Edit Options and scroll down to the "Thread Viewing" section and the options are there.

    Helpful answers and thanked posts, we have buttons to thank a person who posted and to mark a particular thread as helpful , check out the buttons in any post in the forum.

    WebApp button to show Office files in a window in your post, you can find a short video on how to use these here WebApp At The Code Cage

    VBA button that actually indents (formats code) and Shows VBA bluewords.

    Autowrap of full procedures, when you post a full code procedure (starts with Private Sub, Public Sub, Sub, Private Function, Public Function or Function and ends with End Sub or End Function) and you forget or simply don't add VBA tags, don't worry we've made sure thats automatically done for you ;)

    An Uploads/Downloads example/code repository, anyone can make an addition here or download one of our growing list of example, check it out here Code Cage Upload/Downloads

    TopTip submission for quick tips and tricks, you'll find a Top Tips button at the top of our forum, this is for you to add a submission to our Top Tips forum if you have a quick tip or trick for any of Microsoft Office Applications..

    Multi featured quick reply, almost all other forums have a very limited Quick Reply box, most of the "Go Advanced" features are missing from it, but not ours :), we've packed in a few extra tools to make replying even quicker and easier!.

    View Last 10.... (view the last 10 Excel, Access....posts), at the top left of our forum you'll see a button for last 10... this is so you can quickly check the last 10 posts in any of the applications.

    Table insertion, if you can't attach a workbook, can't use the Webapp function then we've still given you the possibility of displaying contents of a worksheet (although no worksheet functions), if you click this button you'll get the chance to create a grid that you can paste directly into your post.

    Automatic language translations (when funds allow), we are a multilingual site and as such we employ some automatic language translation software, it doesn't run all the time because the service is very expensive but we do allocate some funds every month towards it, the more funds we have the more we can allocate.

    Formula Language Convertor By kind donation of one of our resident MVPs we now have a language convertor tool, you can select which language you want to translate a formula from and to, you get to it by using this button in any post (you can use this button too!)

    The ability to provide pages to members for projects like Lisa Greens VBA CleanUp tool, Jan Karel Pieterse's Excel StartUp Problems Resolved or even Financial World Issues.

    ...and many other enhancements to make your usage easier, more informative and more pleasureable, have fun finding and using them :)

    If you have any queries, issues or suggestions then as always you can contact us here at our Helpdesk!

    As always we appreciate your feedback!

    Brand New Feature - Sensitive Uploads

    If you've ever found you needed help with an application but were unable to attach it as normal because it contained sensitive data, then read on! We've created an enhancement where you can upload sensitive data and the file gets automatically deleted a week later. If you need help with a sensitive file then let the person who's helping you know and they can click a special checkbox shown below:

    Once thats been clicked and the helper adds a few words to their post you'll see some extra text added to their post as below.

    When you next want to reply you'll see this in "Quick Reply"

    After clicking the "Go Advanced" button you'll be able to see the browse button on the left:

    After browsing to the file that you want to upload add a few extra words of information for the helper to your post and click submit, after doing that your post will look like the below:

    Only the helper, you, admin and staff can see any of the sensitive data dialog, Administrators and Staff get to see it for the purposes of keeping the board clean and preventing abuse of this upload system. The system is not for general use, it's only use is for sensitive files which will be automatically deleted within 1 week.
    How to add Trusted Locations

    How to set your Trusted Locations in MS Office Applications

    & Scan specific files for viruses

    “A trusted location is typically a folder on your hard disk or a network share. Any file that you put in a trusted location can be opened without being checked by the Trust Center security feature.
    You should use a trusted location to store a file when you don't want that file to be checked by the Trust Center security feature when you open the file. For example, you might want to open a document that contains a macro that the Trust Center disables because the Trust Center considers the macro unsafe. If you think that the document and the macro in the document are from a trustworthy source, it is better to move the document to a trusted location, instead of changing the default Trust Center settings to a less safe macro security setting. When you open the file from the trusted location, it is not checked by the Trust Center security feature, you won't receive any security alerts, and the macro is enabled. For more information about macro security, see Enable or disable macros in Office documents.”
    (The above is a quote from the article stated in Note 1.)

    The below screenshots are step by step instructions for ensuring that macros are enabled for any “Trusted Locations” for an individual’s computer profile. Setting up “Trusted Locations” ensures that any extra VBA/macro functionality in Excel reports, Access databases or files from other Microsoft Office Suite programs will work. The changes should only need to be made once unless your computer has some major changes/upgrades etc.

    1. For a more detailed explanation of “Trusted Locations” search for “Create, remove, or change a trusted location for your files” in the Help Files of one of the Microsoft Office Suite programs.
    2. This Instruction file uses screen shots from a computer that has network drives mapped against the letters “L” & “K”. When you follow the below steps please substitute different Drive letters as required for your computer’s specific setup/drive mapping. The letters used for the drives that are mapped on your computer are usually displayed when you open an instance of Windows Explorer (& if necessary, choose the “Computer” folder).
    3. If you receive files from external parties (such as customers outside your company) which may contain malicious macros* (& they somehow beat your company’s firewall &/or virus scanning). Then you can/should run a virus scan on the specific file before opening it. To do this, see the second sets of screen shots at the end of this document. If you have any further questions or concerns please check with your I.T. department.
    * (*as stated in Microsoft’s warnings which can be seen when you follow the below steps to set the “trusted Locations”.)
    4. The below screenshots were created in Access but very similar steps apply in other MS Office Suite applications.

    Informative Links:
    · http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/choosing-the-macro-security-level-that-s-right-for-you-HA001118990.aspx
    · Security for Office 2003: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa296151(office.11).aspx
    · Plan security for Office 2007: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc179171(office.12).aspx
    Plan security for Office 2010: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc179171.aspx

    Now that most of our forum changes and enhancements are almost finished we'll be able to concentrate getting the newsletter out bi-monthly packed with tips, tricks and information on Microsoft Office Applications.

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