The Code Cage Story!

Some of you may know this but up until the beginning of September 2008 The Code Cage didn’t exist, having travelled around and used many Microsoft Excel help forums, we found that there we’ren’t many that looked at Microsoft Office as a whole application, there we’ren’t any that drew all the knowledge and experience of MVP’s, power users and casual users alike in to one place.

We decided to redress the balance, we hope we have been succesful in achieving a unique blend of resources for all of Microsoft Office products along with a great looking and easy to use forum, we have tried to incorporate all the wishes you may have had when visiting other sites, you know how it goes “…if only i could have that feature on THAT site..”.

If you have a comment then Blog it out in our forum development blog, we’re always open to suggestion and actively encourage you to have your say.

With your help, we can make this the “one stop shop” for all your Microsoft Office resources and help.

Places to check out

Your Homepage this is your front end, it’s loaded with links to get around the forum, some of the latest posts, news and some of your other stats including some UserCp (user control panel) functions.

Forum Help Videos there is an assortment of short “How to…” videos on using the forum, if you feel we have missed one or feel it needs an addition then Blog it out.

Helpful Answers here you will find a list of answers that users have found helpful and marked them as such, if you come across an answer you find helpful then feel free to click the green thumb up in the post…if you felt it was negative or unhelpful click the red one.

Our Forum Rules Whilst we don’t want to have forum rules they are a necessary evil, following these few short rules well ensure that the forum runs smoothly and the community grows ever stronger.

We could provide you with hundreds of links here to places with our forum but where’s the fun in that?, sometimes it’s just great to discover something yourself!.

We have also started The Code Cage Hosting Services if you ever wanted your own website, want to move hosts then check it out, we are confident we can provide you with the right package to suit you and your pocket.