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Unfortunately We are closing our doors!

Contact Us if you wish to purchase the forum and keep it alive by clicking here!

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Welcome to our Final newsletter,

It's been Great serving and helping you over the last 10 years

The contents of this newsletter are as follows:

Why we are closing
What are the next stages
What happens to my personal data?
Where do I go for further help?

Other Options
What is happening to all the forum posts?
What if I wanted to own this forum?

Why are we closing?

For quite a while now I have been working two jobs so it's been extremely difficult to keep promoting the forum in different places and pointing to the very useful content that we have here, 750,000 posts!

I have been unable to dedicate any time to any fixes and enhancements that may occur or interact with you, the member on a personal, social basis as I always saw this forum being. The ongoing monthly costs of running the forum is money that I can ill afford (the ads don't make any money they are simply there to drive people to join to get rid of them ), so I have had to take this decision to close the forum, it pains me to do it but it is necessary.

What are the next stages?

By mid September the forum will not accept new members and by the end of September the forum will close off from new posts being made but the content will still be readily available to everyone for their research and help purposes.

By October 31st it is my intention to take the forum offline and have a flat website for 1 month pointing people who came looking for help to a great place with a wealth of knowledge and experts.

By the end of November the URL will cease to be accessible.

What happens to my personal data?

On November 1st the forum data will be deleted along with all the databases, this means that your personal data, login details, posts and preferences will cease to exist.

Where do I go for further help?

In a couple of month this URL will either have a web page with some great places you can get help or contact experts, in the event of me not finding a few that I really trust to give you the service, information and knowledge that you have had or could have got from here then this URL will direct you straight to the one single place I found to give you the best possible chance of solving your problems.

Other Options

What is happening to all the forum posts?

Our intention is to simply delete the entire database of content, if someone would like this content then you can contact me prior to November the 1st at simon.lloyd@thecodecage.com

What if I wanted to own this forum?

If you feel that you could own and run the forum as a hobby, project or business then as above it is vital that you contact me with your proposal prior to 1st November - I will be available to help you with getting yourself familiar and steady with the forum for 6 months, that will be tied in to whatever deal we strike.

Thank you very much for being part of the forum and our community over the past 10 years, it has been a privilege and a pleasure!

Simon Lloyd

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